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An Authorized Nirvana Memorial Garden Agency Reg. Code No: "B126"


The concept of flowing water was used as an inspiration for the design of the crystal glass tablets in Suite 81 (Ru Yun Ge), conjuring up an imagery of a sacred lotus blooming on water that is...


The glass pedestals of Prosperity Suite unbridle colourful glows through different angles of light refraction. The many pedestals in sequential arrangement cleverly emulates the brilliant dazzling...


Eternity Suite tells of the gratitude and filial piety descendants dedicate to their ancestors in its elegant and warm surroundings.


The Premium Suite is located right beside the Hall of Three-Buddha and just atop of the Royal Suite, The crystalclear textures of glass pedestals unbridle colourful visual effects through light...

Suite 5

Reflecting the highest state of “Nirvana”. The exquisite white door panel design encompass the entire Suite 5, exuding a sense of peace and tranquillity.