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nirvana singapore career
nirvana singapore career
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  • Have the peace of mind for loved ones.
    -Secure a resting place after their passing.
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    -Full commissions for your services.
  • Flexible working hours.
    -Work when you want to.
  • Make New Friends.
    -Build amicable relationships with customers.
"My wish this year is to be able to create a bright future for myself. 
I hope I can help more people in their pre-planning and bereavement care." Valonica Ng
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From 2012 onward over 900,000 Singaporeans will retire from the workforce and enter into their silver years. The reasons for this staggering number are due to declining birth rates and higher life expectancy.

With declining birth rates and higher life expectancy, the average age of working locals here will reach 47 in 2030 with a smaller workforce supporting the elderly and that is why pre-planning and bereavement care services will be one of the top priorities in every Singaporean’s later stage in life.
Be part of a recession-proof business with a huge potential that sells a need, not a want.